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Sometimes we don’t think enough about the wondrous beauty of God’s love. Think about it: God gave up His own Son to save our unworthy souls! God’s own Son willingly died to save us from our own nature! God’s own Son didn’t stay dead and God gives His Spirit to live in all who believe in Him!

God wants to love us, so He just does. God wants us to love Him back.

God Himself came to be one of us not just so He could live the life we never could and be sacrificed in our place, but also to sympathize with us! Jesus had pains and temptations, too! He knows what it’s like to live here.

Though it so deeply pains His heart, God will let you say no to Him. God gave you the ability to choose and loves you so much that even when you abuse this power, He won’t take it from you. Volition is necessary for you to love Him in return.

Jesus loved His disciples. Jesus loved Judas the betrayer, too.

Everyone gets to see and hear God’s love in a way specially tailored to them.

God says, “I love you,” even to those who will never love Him back.