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You  may have often heard that God’s grace is sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9). But what is God’s grace? God’s grace is His generosity towards us. Besides saving us from death and Hell, He gives us help, strength, light, guidance, and anything else we need because He is gracious. So what does this grace cover?

God’s grace gives us the strength we need for living. God graciously gives us more than enough every day and is with us always. God generously sustains us through any and every trial we face, and keeps us going when we realize nothing else is good enough. God gives us peace and hope when everything is upside down and hopeless.

God’s grace also gives us the strength we need for dying. When you know you’re going to Heaven after you die, you can feel a lot better about dying because you look forward to the good that comes afterwards. After all, God has defeated and conquered death! You may not like the process of death, but you can get through it and know it’s worth it because God is gracious.