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I was teaching one more Christmas lesson yesterday morning for the 2 and 3 year olds. I had one boy and one girl. They remembered most of the story and were able to answer questions, but we did talk a little more in depth about a few things.

I let them know that Jesus didn’t come just to be a baby. Jesus came to live a sinless life, never doing anything wrong, so He could pay for our sin punishment by dying on the cross, and then He rose again because He’s also God and can’t stay dead. He went back to Heaven and is going to come back one day, but we don’t know when. It’s a surprise.

So the little boy looked out the window and asked if Jesus was coming right now. Not yet, but until He does come He told us to tell everyone about Him and what He’s done, because He wants everyone to go to Heaven.

Seeing the boy’s eagerness for Jesus to return right now and within view of the window, I remembered learning about the second coming of Jesus when I was little. I eagerly expected it. Then I soon wondered: if Jesus comes “in the hour we think not,” if I’m expecting Him right now will He not come? But if I think He won’t come because I’m thinking of it, then does that mean He will come?

I realize that I can’t control God, and I realize since then I have often not even thought of the Second Coming, but it will still happen. When it is time, Jesus will come back, and we’ll know it! Until then, tell people about Him, who He is, what He has done. He wants everyone to hear!