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Last night at church the little kids learned about kindness. The teacher talked with them about what kindness is and how to be kind, encouraging them to be good and helpful to others. She pointed out how God is kind to us and wants us to be kind to others, even when they’ve been mean to us, because we represent God.

While talking about kindness, the teacher brought up that being kind is sweet like honey, not to our mouths, but to our souls. The kids thought about it looked a little confused, but I think they almost had it. To help further, I brought up an example: “You know how when you eat cake and feel good? When someone is kind it makes you feel good kind of like that.”

I’m not sure how close I hit the mark, but I saw eyes light up! It was especially exciting for them because they knew we were going to have cake for our snack! We talked about how kind it was for someone to bring us cake, and we made thank you cards for her.

As if to reinforce the idea of sweet kindness, when I got up this morning I found my dad and brother had brought an apple fritter for me! I was very happy and thankful! That was very kind, and sweet in the concrete as well as the abstract!