Taking the Bible for Granted

I was thinking yesterday and realized that sometimes I take my Bible knowledge for granted. I grew up in a Christ-believing home, we go to church all the time, and my parents taught me and my siblings the Bible at home, not just leaving it up to church, so I have a pretty solid knowledge and understanding of the things in the Bible. But sometimes that means I just lean on what I know and I don’t go study more of it. Sometimes I feel like I already know enough, when I know from experience that there is always more to learn and understand. I mean this is God’s Word we’re talking about! He knows how to layer in details and how to help you discover them over time!

If you want to know God better, read the book He has had written for you! No matter where you are in your spiritual walk, no matter how old you are, no matter how much you already know or how much you don’t, you should read the Bible. Study it. Memorize it. Think and ponder about it. Pray about understanding more. God is more than willing to give you wisdom and understanding if you ask! (James 1:5-6) He wants to be known!

If you want to better live the life God would have you live, read the book He has had written for you! Again, no matter your “prerequisites,” you should read, study, and memorize the Bible. You should think, ponder, and pray about it. God is more than willing to give you wisdom and understanding if you ask! (Psalm 119:34, 104) He wants you to know!

As a side note, I’ve found it helps me to read different translations of the Bible. Sometimes a different translation puts something in a way I understand better. Additionally, while I like looking up words in the original language regardless, when I come across wording that isn’t familiar it makes me look even more, and often over things I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

Whether you’re a new Christian or a long-time one, whether you grew up with the Bible or not, it’s always good to read and get into God’s Word.

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