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Did you know you can talk to God about anything? I don’t mean figuratively, abstractly, or in hyperbole, I mean literally, actually, and absolutely. You can talk to God about ANYTHING. God already knows what’s going on and how you feel and what you think, but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t want to listen to and talk with you. Like any good parent or friend, God likes to have meaningful conversations.

For example, we see a lot of people talking about their feelings to God in the Psalms. Sometimes we see a psalmist ask if God can’t hear or see what’s going on, or if God has forgotten to be merciful (Psalm 77). Yes God can see and hear, and no He has not forgotten His mercy, but it’s okay to ask the question as long as you remember who God is and listen to His loving answer. It’s okay to talk to God openly about your feelings. He knows them anyway, but it is good to talk with Him. Sometimes we might wonder if God has forgotten us, but we need to remember God is good (Psalm 42:9-11).

For another example, Jeremiah the prophet had said what God told him to say, but people hated him for it. He complained to God, let God know how he felt. Jeremiah told God He had deceived him, and let God know how bad he felt about going through all this (Jeremiah 20:7-10). But then Jeremiah turned around and praised God because of who God had revealed Himself to be (Jeremiah 20:11-13). Jeremiah went back and forth with a lot of emotions in this chapter.

Want more? Go look up other people in the Bible who spoke their feelings to God and the answers they received. Think about someone you know who talks to God like He’s a good, close friend. Think about how you talk to God and what you talk about.

God will talk with you. God listens, God answers, God teaches. You can talk to God about anything!