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Teaching and being taught are both learning experiences. When being taught, you learn the subject and then you begin to learn how to teach it. When you teach, you learn more about how to teach and then a little more about the subject.

But you can’t teach a thing unless you know about it yourself. You don’t know about this thing unless you’ve been taught, made aware of it.

Find someone to teach you. Surround yourself with those who are better than you. As you learn, you will also begin to teach. Someone is passing knowledge and wisdom to you that they have received from another, and in turn you will pass that knowledge and wisdom to others.

While you look up to others, you will find that some others are looking up to you. While you are surrounding yourself with better people, you should also be the better person that someone else will have around.

You are being taught whether you realize it or not. You are teaching whether you realize it or not. You watch and look up to other people. Other people are watching and looking up to you. God made this an important part of life. Teaching and being taught are inseparable. Even if you could separate them, you shouldn’t be doing one without also doing the other.

What are you being taught?

What are you teaching?