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(I see I’ve gotten behind on blogs. I’ll be catching up this week.)

I was talking with my dad the other day about how sometimes we don’t think of the tone in which things were said in the Bible, or the facial expressions and body language along with it. We’re so used to reading it that we don’t always think of those things.

For example, we were talking about Jesus’ response when Judas betrayed Him with a kiss on the cheek. Jesus had treated Judas like a friend all the way up to the end. At the Last Supper, Jesus handed Judas a sop, which was a way to express friendship at the table by dipping bread into food and giving it to your friend. When Jesus sent Judas away to “do what he had to do,” I can’t help but wonder Jesus’ tone of voice and facial expression. Did He look sad and knowing? Was there disappointment or any anger?

When Judas met Jesus again to betray him with a kiss, another expression of friendship, I wonder what Jesus looked and sounded like. Was He visibly and audibly saddened and disappointed? Like, “You’re really doing this to me, Judas?”

I wonder about the exchange when Abraham was ready to sacrifice Isaac before God told Him to stop. The Bible doesn’t mention a struggle between the father and son, or that they even talked about it. Was there just a silent agreement as Isaac realized what was going on?

I wonder about several points in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. There’s enough there for us to know what we need to learn, I just sometimes wonder what it would be like to actually see and hear it.

There are a lot of Bible accounts to think about over this. Which ones do you wonder about?