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Time to share what I’m learning in “The Armor of God” Bible study again! Remember when I talked about this armor being God’s armor, and how it’s heavy? Well, wearing God’s righteousness is a pretty significant thing to do.

We can’t carry it, we can’t wear it, not with our own strength. Fortunately when we believe in God, He gives us righteousness inside us so we can have righteousness outside us. He has also given us the Belt of Truth, to help support the weight.

But this righteousness doesn’t just come out unless you let it. God can change your heart, and God’s righteousness is in you, but unless you start letting God shine out of you and live through you, that righteousness isn’t coming out either.

Let God change you. Talk with Him, listen to Him, read His Word, hear His Word, and DO what He says. As you pursue a healthy, nourishing relationship with God, you will automatically begin to change. God’s Spirit within you will change what you do on the outside. He will change your desires. He will “change your taste buds.” He will change your actions. And it will all be so natural!

So let the righteousness of God within you come to the outside of you so you can wear that heart-protecting Breastplate!