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Freedom isn’t free. We all know that, and we like to say it a lot. Freedom’s price is often the blood of those who seek it. It is bought by people who never got to enjoy it, but gave up their freedom so someone else could have it.

But sometimes we forget that freedom must be maintained. Freedom is like a house, even if you’ve bought it outright it still needs upkeep. Maintenance has a cost.

Sometimes the maintenance of freedom will cost more blood and lives, especially if tyranny or other enemies are involved. Sometimes you must give up a piece of your own freedom to ensure someone else can enjoy freedom. Sometimes it costs responsibility, diligence, and watchfulness in making sure freedom isn’t stolen away little by little, especially in the name of “safety” or “more freedom.”

Be thankful for your freedom. Realize that freedom is actually quite expensive. Freedom isn’t free, no matter what stage of it you have. If you are buying it or if it has already been bought, freedom will cost you. But true freedom is worth the cost.