The Desire to Belong

I was looking through some things I wrote several years ago and thought I’d share part of it:

“Why do we like to be in groups? Why do we seek to attach ourselves to things and people that give us status or purpose? Because that is another thing for which we are made! We were made to need – to crave – a place where we belong, a position in which we have a clearly defined job to do. We all need a place where we feel needed and loved, and a place where we can love in return. God created us this way so He could have and enjoy a relationship with us, and so that we could have and enjoy a relationship with Him and the people around us. God created us this way so we could be fulfilled in working for His good and great purpose for our lives.”

The desire to belong is good and natural, but it is also easily corrupted and manipulated. God holds the ultimate fulfillment of your desire to belong, so don’t seek that fulfillment where you can’t find it.

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