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Sometimes I wonder what it was like in Genesis where we read about the first generations of humanity. I wonder what it was like to live so long and, at least at first, to literally know everyone on the planet.

What was it like for Adam and Eve to have actual comparison of living in perfection and living with sin? How did they talk to their kids about it? What was it like for them to deal with everything outside of the garden?

How much did God tell humans and how much were they smart enough to know or figure out? Considering the engineering it took to build Noah’s ark, I think humans then were a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Then again they did live a long enough time to learn quite a few things.

Speaking of which, when people lived to be hundreds of years old on average, at what age did they start thinking about getting married? “Mom, Dad, I’m only a hundred, I have plenty of time to settle down and have a family!” To which the response might be, “But we want to see our great, great, great, great grandchildren before we die!”

Considering that one lived so long, what kind of knowledge and wisdom could you attain? How advanced and intimate would one’s relationship with God become? Consider Enoch, the one who walked with God! He and God were so intimate that God was just like, “We’ll skip the whole dying part and you can come right now.” Would I even be able to hold a conversation with someone like Methuselah without sounding like a four year old?