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When Jesus came to earth, He became The God-Man. He was fully God and fully man at the same time. Jesus is God. But He was also a man once. God can do anything He wants, and He chose to express His love for us by stepping down from Heaven into this horrendous mess!

I can’t get over it! God can do anything but wrong, and sits in unimaginable glory and majesty. But God the Son left that. Jesus voluntarily left unimaginable glory and majesty, and then became a man! God limited Himself! We don’t know what it’s like to be God and to own and have created everything, but can we just think about what it must be like to step down like that?

God created time, space, matter, and energy. He is not measured by or bound by these things, but He stepped into them. God is an omnipresent spirit, but God the Son temporarily bound Himself to a body and could not be in more than one place at a time. God can move anywhere and anything He wants, but He came as a baby that has clumsy and limited motor skills. God invented language, but became a baby that can’t communicate at all except by crying.

Now think about the most horrible, wicked place that you wouldn’t dare to go. That’s us. Jesus came to this place because we are in it and need to be rescued from it. The God who created everything did the most humbling thing that could possibly be done. The God who is too holy to even look at sin came down to save us from it by living among us.

Jesus is God. Jesus was also a man. Jesus is the God-Man, and was born to grow up and die for our sins. But then He rose again, conquering death so that we have the choice to be in Heaven with the God Himself who chooses to love us.