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Sometimes we can be in such awe of God and of what He’s done that we get inspired to make something to express praise for it. We make paintings, stories, poems, music, and many other varying forms of art. We want to express our praise to God as well as have other people hear and see how good God is in the way we did. God is a creative God, and He gave us the ability to be creative also! It enhances our enjoyment of the world and can enhance the world we enjoy.

If you think we enjoy it, I know God likes it, too! I don’t quite know the full extent and detail of how He thinks and feels about it, but I imagine it akin to a parent seeing their child make something for them, yet on a much deeper and higher level considering who He is and who we are.

I just find it so amazing that God made us creative like He is, and that when we’re inspired by Him we can make things of our own!