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I’ve been teaching the Sunday School kids about when Jesus forgave and healed a paralytic man whose friends let him down through a roof (Mark 2:1-12). Jesus first told the man his sins were forgiven. Then to prove that He was God and could forgive sins, He did a more visible miracle and healed the man so he could get up from his bed.

I got to thinking about how being forgiven of sin is as much a miracle as being physically healed. Since a miracle is something we can’t do to help ourselves and something only God can do to help us, having our sins forgiven is a miracle!

Then I got to thinking about how having sins forgiven is a greater miracle than being physically healed. Having my sins forgiven means I can go to Heaven and be with God when I die, and it means that God walks alongside me to help me through life! Even if I never get a physical miracle, I have the greatest miracle of being clean before God and having His help with whatever struggles I have.