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Christmas is well on it’s way! I love this time of year! It’s wonderful, but not for the lights, decorations, sales, and general festivity. One of the most wonderful things ever to happen in history gets to come to the forefront of our minds. Not that we don’t think about it other times of the year, but it certainly gets talked about a lot more at this time.

Just picture it: Before God even created the universe He knew we would need a Savior. So He set everything up just right for when the time came – right up to the stars in the sky! Then when human history was just so, the Son of God – and God Himself! – came down from Heaven to be like one of us. We even have a name to call Him: Jesus. Jesus lived the perfect life we couldn’t live so He could be the sacrifice that is required to take our sins away. He died to save us, and He also rose back to life!

God loves us that much. He sent Jesus, and Jesus came willingly. God Himself put on skin, as it were. God jumped into the mud with us without getting stuck in it, so He could get us out of it. Wonderful doesn’t even begin to describe this, yet it’s one of the words to use. It is wondrous, it is glorious! It is a thing full of wonder!