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In my Bible reading today I was in Job. In chapter 31 verse 4, Job says that God sees his ways and counts his steps. He puts it as a question, but he knows the answer is yes. That made me think of all the gadgets we have these days that count our steps. God was counting our steps long before technology started. God counts the steps that our tech doesn’t. God knows where we go. God even knows why we’re going there. He even knows about our mental, emotional, and spiritual steps.

Now I’m thinking of Matthew 10:30 and Luke 12:7. These passages talk about God knowing how many hairs are on your head, within the context of Jesus telling His disciples that God will always take care of and provide for them.

If God counts your very steps and hairs, then just think about what that means for how much He loves you. God sees, God knows, God cares. Follow the One who counts.