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In Ephesians 6, Paul tells us to take up the Shield of Faith. This shield is big enough and strong enough to protect us from the oncoming enemy and his flaming javelins.

Taking up the shield by having faith is important. Faith is putting action to your belief. Do you really believe that God Himself is faithful? Then prove it, show it, by acting like you do. As it was put in the ladies’ Bible study, “Act like God is telling you the truth.” How we act out our faith is directly related to our perception of God. If you don’t perceive God as trustworthy and faithful, then you will act like you don’t think He is trustworthy or faithful. If you do perceive God as faithful and trustworthy as He is, then you will act like it.

But let’s not forget that our faith doesn’t matter as much as Who we have our faith in. You can have all the faith in the world for something or someone that doesn’t deserve it and can’t uphold it. The “size” of our faith doesn’t change how faithful God Himself is (2 Timothy 2:13). God is faithful! It is His very nature.

So whatever God is calling you to do, step out and do it! Do it regardless of whether or not you think you can. Do it regardless of whether or not you feel like you can. If God calls you, He equips you. Take up your shield and use it.

Because the One who gave you the shield is big enough.