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When we think of sin we usually categorize them as “big sins” and “little sins,” sometimes “medium sins.” But sin is sin. While some sins certainly have bigger and more painful repercussions, each one is still a sin and each one is still an offense to God Himself.

Let’s take a look at complaining. We don’t often consider that to be as big of a deal as other sins. But if you look in the Old Testament at the Children of Israel in the wilderness, God lets us know that complaining is a very big deal. In the wilderness, the Children of Israel complained whenever they thought God couldn’t help them. Sometimes they said it outright, as if to stick it to God about how insufficient He was, as if He didn’t know what was going on. What’s more, they did this in the context of having seen God already provide and do powerful miracles!

Complaining is a form of unbelief. When you complain you are telling God that you don’t trust Him. You don’t really think He knows what He’s doing. You don’t really believe that He loves you enough to use the best plan. You aren’t convinced He loves someone else enough. You aren’t sure that your idea isn’t better. Oh, sure He knew what He was doing the last time, but what if He’s lost His touch?

God doesn’t change. God doesn’t lose power. God doesn’t lose love. God always knows what He’s doing, God always loves you. Like a child who is too short to see what’s on the kitchen counter, you may not always see what God is working on, but rest assured He is not ignoring you. God has the best in mind, God has something important to show you.