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Here we are on the last piece of the Armor of God. Let’s jump right in.

Paul stated very simply that the Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. You use the Word of God to fight off Satan. Know your Bible. Study it. Then you can use it. The Holy Spirit equips you to fight as you study God’s Words in the Bible. This is extremely important! The Bible is like a physical sword, you need to know your weapon well to use it well.

Now the physical sword to which Paul compared the Sword of the Spirit was not a big two-handed sword. This sword was a short sword, almost a long dagger, that you can use with one hand. This is what sticks out to me, how short the sword is. This implies that you and I are going to be in some very close quarters with the enemy. We are going to be right up in his face, toe to toe.

But remember you aren’t fighting alone. God is fighting through you, you are wearing His armor, you are fighting alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ.

And God is the God of Hosts, the God of angel armies, the God of the Armies of Heaven.