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I almost always have music on my mind, but my thought process is a little bit different right now. We had an Easter musical at my church yesterday, so I am thinking about musicians all working together to make one song. I also have some things about this written in a notebook. Here, have some musical thoughts.

Life is a symphony, and God is the Composer and the Conductor. His composition has balance and contrast. God uses all things in His time to create your symphony.

Keep your eyes on the Conductor! You need to know when to come in and for how long. He will give you cues and musical nuances to follow to make your performance better.

We enter into God’s symphony to play the part assigned to us. The musician follows what has already been written. If you play or sing a part that is not written for you to play, or if you come in too soon or too late, it will not sound correct within the rest of the music. Even if it is a beautiful part, it is not the best song that can be played or sung right now. Even though your part may seem boring, lackluster, and unnecessary, it does contribute to the beauty of the symphony as a whole. What would some of your favorite songs sound like if they were missing an instrument or a voice?

Within music, all of the musicians are interdependent and interactive, translating a musical thought off of the paper and into your ears. The Composer has something that He wants others to hear! Play or sing your part, because the music works and sounds best when all of us work and worship together!

God has the master tuning fork, the one that rings the truest. Tune your heart to God.