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Last night the little kids learned more about the armor of God. They learned that you wear it so you can fight against Satan, because he’ll try to trick you.

How does the devil trick us? He makes us think that we’ll be forever happy with something that won’t really make us happy in the end. He makes us think that something is okay if someone else tells us to do it. Not that he’s limited to just these two things, but these were the examples.

In kid terms, “Oh, that toy will make you happy. You’ll be happy forever if you have it right now.” But toys don’t make you happy forever. You lose interest, or they can break. Only God can make you happy forever.

In other words, think of the thing that you really like and want, but you don’t have. Is it something that is actually good for you that God wants you to have? Is it something bad for you that will only bring temporary happiness? Is it good, but not God’s best, and therefore a distraction?

Again in kid terms, let’s say your friend told you to steal. “Just put that piece of candy in your pocket and we won’t pay for it.” It is never okay to steal. In the Ten Commandments we learn that this is wrong.

In other words, who are you listening to? Are your friends telling you what is right, or are they telling you what is wrong? How do you know?

In summary, how do we not get tricked by Satan? How do we know right from wrong? How do we know the Truth so that we don’t fall for the tricks and lies?

We know by reading God’s Word. If we know the truth, we’ll more easily spot the lies and we won’t get tricked. There is a reason that Jesus said, “The truth will make you free.” It protects you from being tangled in lies. Know the truth, and use it.