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Yesterday morning at church we had another pastor speaking for us. He was teaching from Hebrews 11 about Abraham and faith. He talked about how people of faith embrace God’s promises (Hebrews 11:13). He told us the Greek for “embrace” there means a “squeeze the stuffing out of your sweetie” kind of embrace. You hold on and won’t let go.

Later on he told a story about a dog he’d had. The dog had found a Popple belonging to one of his sons, and decided to grab it. He’d tried to pull the toy away from the dog, but the more he pulled the tighter the dog clamped his jaw and planted his paws. That’s how we’re supposed use our faith to hold on to God’s promises.

Then he talked about how sometimes God will tug at our faith. Sometimes things happen in life that make it hard to hold on. But God never tugs at our faith to take it away from us, He tugs to strengthen our grip. So when you find it hard to hold on, strengthen your grip and hold tighter. God has good and great things in store, and the more you have to hold on the stronger you will be.