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In Sunday School yesterday I was in two classes: the elementary grades to play piano, and the two and three year olds to help teach. Both had some interesting points on God giving us things and for us being thankful.

In the elementary class one of the boys said he was thankful for the air being clear, meaning that we can see through it. This makes sense, because I’m sure we all like to see where we’re going and not walk through a solid fog. That struck me as a neat thing to be thankful for, and got me thinking about how we sometimes take things like that for granted.

In the two and three year old class we were talking about things God has given us and how God made things to work perfectly. We had a mini anatomy lesson, talking about the epiglottis, tendons, muscles, eyelashes, eye boogers, why we have five fingers on each hand, and why we have five toes on each foot. This got me thinking about how many things besides just our bodies work so well.

God gave us all these things and He designed the universe and its pieces to work well because He loves us. We live in a world where we can constantly find something for which to be thankful!