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As I began writing this blog, I was bored. Or I thought I was. As I thought about it I wondered if I was just restless, or if it was something else. I didn’t have anything I had to do right then, and didn’t know what to do to remedy it. I tried to do things but still felt like I wasn’t doing anything, merely attempting to numb the feeling. But whatever the feeling was I did think of some good things to do when you are bored or restless.

Pray. And I don’t mean just “God bless Grandpa and Aunt Ethel and the cat,” though that’s not bad and you can do that. I mean really talking with God. Tell Him how you feel, let Him tell you something. Just spend time with Him like you would with another friend. I mean, He is the best friend you’ll ever have. Sometimes we forget that God likes talking.

Read your Bible. It goes along with talking to God. Sometimes He’ll point something out to you, and maybe you’ll want to talk about and study it.

There’s never “nothing to do.” Go find something that needs working on, cleaning, or fixing, or whatever. Talk to someone. Do a little exercise. There’s also the old parental suggestion to clean your room! Read something. Learn something. Write something. Draw something. Talk to yourself, though maybe only if no one’s around to wonder about your sanity. But also let God in on these things. He’s there anyway, but there’s something special about being aware of His presence and purposefully including Him.