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Do you know why babies stare at everything? Do you know why they smile, cry, and giggle so much? Because everything is new. Literally everything is a new experience for them. They’ve never before seen or done any of this.

A face. I don’t know this person. They’re smiling and cooing. I think I like that!

Mommy’s face! Daddy’s face! I know them!

A door. Ooh. It squeaks. That’s funny!

Hands. I have them. Fingers, too. When did I learn how to use these? They make noise when I clap them together!

Look! I wiggle if I kick my legs!

A new toy! Let me study it. Into my mouth it goes! Yep. Feels nice.

A dog? It looks weird and wiggly. It’s noisy and has teeth! Mommy! Oh, it’s fuzzy and soft!

Baby food. How do I swallow this food? It’s thick and falls out of my mouth. But it tastes good. I’ll get the hang of it.

A flower? It’s shaped funny. I like the colors. Does it taste good? Oh, it’s not for eating. Why?

What’s this wiggly thing in my mouth for? I can make new sounds with it. “Blah bah la la gah!” I like it!

My mouth hurts! Why? Teeth? I don’t like them, they hurt. What are they for? What is chewing? Oh, cereal! Maybe teeth are okay.

This toy squeaks! I’ll keep squeaking it over and over and over and over. I like this sound.

For babies, everything is new, everything is amazing and wonderful. Sometimes we grown-ups forget to notice things. Sometimes we notice but don’t look. Sometimes we look but don’t appreciate. We forget to be amazed, we think something is less exciting because we see it all the time. Sometimes we do that with God and His Word. We know God. We’ve heard all about the Bible. What’s new about all that? Everything was so fresh and exciting when we first got saved, but then we “grew up.”

But this is God we’re talking about. God is infinite! Everything about Him is new! You don’t know God half as well as you think! You don’t know all that He has to say to you in His Bible! You don’t know what else He could show you and say to you! You have yet to experience all of Him! Sometimes you just need to step back and look at things differently. You aren’t trying to be a baby, but you can still see new things and you can still be amazed!