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I wonder on and off about what it would be like if I could time travel to any point in the life of Jesus. I thought about it pretty seriously the other day. While any point in the life of Jesus would be particularly wondrous, especially His death and resurrection, the nearness of Christmas has brought His birth to my mind.

I wonder what my reaction would be to see God in the flesh. I’ve met Him already, but to see God Himself as a human infant, sleeping in a feeding trough, I wonder if that would be much different. The Son of God limited Himself to the degree of becoming a human infant that can do nothing! God loves us that much! If I were to stand at the feeding trough where Jesus was lying, looking at God Himself as a helpless baby… I think I would just drop to my knees and sob my eyes out. Out of sheer awe I might just collapse into a shaking puddle of tears, face down in the dirt.

That’s just His birth! Think of all the other things Jesus did just because He loves us enough to save us, even though we don’t deserve it!