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When Jesus walked on this earth, He walked in a lot of places. Considering the times, walking was what a lot of people did to travel. Jesus walked in some nice places, and He walked in some uncomfortable, nasty places.

Now Jesus is in Heaven at the right hand of God. But Jesus still walks. He still works in the world. He still guides people. He still does miracles. He still talks to people. If we are to be Jesus’ disciples, we should want to be where He is at. So where does Jesus walk?

Sometimes Jesus walks in immensely uncomfortable and impossible situations. But Jesus gives us the ability to walk where He walks. Take a look at Matthew 14:22-33. Jesus was in quite an uncomfortable place for anyone else to be, but He was walking along calmly. Peter wanted to be where Jesus was at, so Jesus told Peter to come. And Peter walked where Jesus walked, right on the water! In the middle of a storm!

But like Peter, sometimes we get distracted by the impossibility of the situation and forget that with God all things are possible. When we start to sink, our first reaction is to try to swim. But when Peter sank, he called immediately shouted out to Jesus for help. “Lord, save me!” So Jesus immediately reached out and helped, and there Peter was, not necessarily on good footing but securely standing because Jesus was there.

Go where Jesus is. He will help you walk where He walks. Focus yourself on Jesus in faith and don’t look away. It doesn’t take much faith, you just have to have faith. It will grow (Luke 17:5-6).

Walk where Jesus walks. Walk with Jesus.