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I was playing a computer game the other day and got a lot done within it. I felt pretty accomplished, and that made me feel good. But then I thought about how these were not real accomplishments. While I was more successful in the game, nothing had changed in real life other than me having some fun.

Now there’s nothing wrong with playing games and having fun, but I got to thinking about how sometimes we can occupy ourselves in ways that don’t always matter, even if those things are real life activities. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily doings of life that we forget to open our eyes to the work God wants us to do. We get so occupied doing our own things and don’t allow God to “interrupt” us with things that are eternally important. While many of the things we regularly do are not bad and many of them are good, they can become bad if we let them distract us from what is truly best.

Other times we let things distract us on purpose. It can be inconvenient and difficult to do something that God wants done, but we feel guilty not doing the right thing, so we make ourselves feel better by busying ourselves with other things. We pretend we are doing something right and can sometimes fool ourselves into feeling accomplished. Even if the thing we’re doing is good, if it’s not what God told us to do, we aren’t truly accomplishing what we should.

Let’s take a good look at our lives and activities, and let God show us what we are truly accomplishing.