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God is the most trustworthy person you will ever know, yet so many of us, Christians included, can’t seem to trust Him. We have trust issues with God. But God is indeed trustworthy, and that doesn’t change just because we don’t trust Him.

God is good and He is loving. Sometimes people forget that when they find out what He allows to happen in their lives. But God has a plan and a purpose for everything that He allows. God is still loving, God is still good, and God is still trustworthy.

In Matthew 8:23-27 and 14:22-33, we see Jesus calming storms. The first time He is with His disciples. The second time He purposefully sent them away into a storm without Him. But both times He was there to calm the storm. And both times He addressed the issue of faith before calming the storm.

The point of these situations was to point out that God is trustworthy. You can trust Jesus whether He is inside the boat or outside of it.

And Jesus loves it when you want to walk out into the chaos with Him, which Peter did in the second storm. He asked Jesus if he could go out there before Jesus had even calmed the storm! But then Peter got distracted, and that interfered with his trust in Jesus.

But Jesus is trustworthy even when you take your eyes off Him! Peter called out to Jesus to save him, and immediately Jesus did. Then Jesus calmed the storm after He and Peter got into the boat.

After the first storm, the disciples wondered who Jesus was, for He could command the wind and the waves. After the second storm, they said, “Of a truth Thou art the Son of God.”

If God doesn’t give allow storms in your life and leaves you entirely without trouble or trials, then what need do you have of trust? If there were no storms, how would you know who God is? How would you know His power? How would you know how much He loves you? How would you see how trustworthy He is?

Trust God because He can calm your storms, the ones inside you and the ones outside you. Trust God because He can help you from inside the boat or outside of it. Trust God because everything He does is worth the incredible risk.