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A while back I was listening to one of my favorite composers, Adrian von Ziegler, talk about some things. He got on the topic of feelings that are difficult to talk about, and how we don’t always want to talk about things when we should.

He stated, “If they weren’t important, it wouldn’t make you uncomfortable to talk about it.

Yes. There are a lot of things that are uncomfortable for us to talk about, but they are also very important to talk about. We don’t always like to talk about or listen to uncomfortable things, but so often we should. If we don’t communicate and discuss things with others, we may become bitter, or a problem may grow that could have been avoided, or we won’t get along as well, or we won’t be as close to loved ones as we could be.

This even goes further than human relationships. God likes us to communicate with Him about things. Yes, He knows about everything already, but as a good counselor He will often prompt and wait for us to open up. There’s something about getting things outside of your head that’s so helpful, and God is open to you doing that. And remember that communication goes both ways; God will communicate with you on how to handle what’s happening. This may also be uncomfortable, but remember that God loves you and knows just how important this is.