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Through a couple conversations with a friend, I have recently been thinking more about unconditional love and what it means. The other day I wrote out a few thoughts I’ve had on it lately:

If I ever decide to get married, I’ll be very serious about it. I’ve seen a lot of husbands and wives, a lot of parents and children. I have a family and I’ve seen a lot of other families. I’ve seen them in all stages, youth to old age. To stay together and to thrive takes unconditional love, which is something you have to choose to give and something that originally comes from God Himself. With any member of your family you’re going to disagree, you’re going to have differences, and you’re going to argue. You’re going to work together happily, you’re going to share everything, and you’re going to grow together. You’ll all have ups and downs, and you’ll have them all together as a family. Your spouse and your kids are going to drive you to the edge of your sanity, often without meaning to. But you’ll seek their highest good and care for them anyway because you choose every day to love them. And when you think about how God is the source of this kind of love, imagine how much He loves every human being He’s ever created!