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The title of this one may be a bit misleading. You can’t understand God. You cannot. There are certain things He will let us know and help us understand, but you and I will never completely understand God. Why? Because God is infinite, and we are finite. God is limitless, and we are limited. God is above and beyond us; He created us and all that we have around us. We do not have the capacity to fully understand and comprehend everything He is, and all that He can do and has done.

God does things every day that we can’t see and will probably never know. God does things every day that we do see and know, but we still do not fully comprehend. God is bigger, more vast, than all we can even imagine! The moment you think you understand God is the moment you really understand nothing. The moment you think you understand God completely is the moment that you have made God small, and you will begin to worry because you don’t believe God is enough. To think you have God all figured out is arrogant and foolish. God does not fit into your box, so don’t try to put Him there.

We can’t fully comprehend or understand God, but that’s how it is supposed to be. God is God. God is the Creator. God is above and beyond all of us and what we can observe. God is more powerful than all your problems. God is righteousness personified. God is more than enough love. The most power you can think of, the most righteousness, the most love, are all vastly and greatly surpassed by God Himself!

God can’t be fully comprehended. But that’s how it’s supposed to work. Just trust Him. After all, He is good.