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I’ve had a metaphorical picture in my mind of two men walking in opposite directions towards each other, but one of them was upside down. The two men talk about knowing which way is actually right side up. As I was typing this little story, I fleshed it out. So now it’s story time.

A man was walking along. He saw another man walking towards him, but upside down. Wide-eyed the man asked, “Why are you upside down?”

“Upside down? Oh!” The man looked up and down – or was it down and up? “I’m not upside down,” he said politely. “You are.”

The first man looked at his feet. Then he looked at the other man’s feet. They were both standing on something. “But… how do you know I’m the one who’s upside down?”

“Because the Maker of this place told me which way is right side up.”

“But I’m right side up.”

“Who told you that?”

The first man thought for a moment. “I don’t remember. But it just seems logical, doesn’t it? Am I not standing upright?”

“But am I not also standing upright?”

“Well, then I suppose I would look upside down to you.”

“Seeing as we are both opposite to each other, logically one of us must be upside down. So logically one of us is wrong about the other.”

“But how do we know for sure?”

“I told you. The Maker of this place knows which way is up and which way is down.”

“But who made this place?”

“I’ll show you! He’s over there.” The second man pointed behind the first one.

The first man turned around and saw the one who made the place walking towards him. He was upside down, too. But suddenly the man wondered if that was truly upside down. His head tingled as he started to feel as if he was the one who was upside down. He talked with the Maker of the place, and was invited to stand right side up.

Still wondering, the man turned to the other man and asked what it was like being “right side up”. The man explained how wonderful it was, how it was almost dizzying at first, but then it immediately became better and clearer than being upside down.

The first man turned to the Maker again. The Maker still hand His hand stretched out in invitation.

“Yes, I accept your invitation. I want to stand right side up.” The man took the Maker’s hand and suddenly flipped around. He felt dizzy as his feet landed. But then his head cleared. “Whoa… I had no idea my head was throbbing. I guess I just got used to it.”

The Maker of the place smiled and said, “Now walk with me, and tell the others you pass which way is right side up.”