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I have been teaching in Vacation Bible School this week, and the kids have been absolutely wonderful! The more I get to be around kids, the more I understand why God calls them a joy. I’ve got the 2 and 3 year olds, so it has been interesting.

Monday was an exciting day, especially since it was someone’s first time being there. She was so excited! One of the kiddos asked a lot of questions about the lesson on this day. “What is Jesus doing? Why? Who is that? What are they doing? Why?” Sometimes kid questions really make you think, and I’m glad he asked them.

Tuesday one of the other kids playfully insisted that my name tag said “Bob,” and nothing else. I wasn’t Elizabeth, John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, or Patricia. I was Bob George. But mostly just Bob.

Wednesday my name was Sherlock Holmes for a few minutes. But then it was back to normal. The kids are still paying lot more attention to the lessons than I at first think!

It has been fun with our Bible lessons, snacks, playtime, and crafts! I’m looking forward to the rest of the week!