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Earlier this week, I was listening while some friends talked about vessels for honor and vessels for dishonor from Romans 9:21.

In the verses around this one, Paul writes about how God is in control of the vessels. God is the potter who makes the vessels, so He can make them however He wants and for whatever He wants, then place them accordingly. In a house, some vessels are fancy, some are plain. Some are used for food, some are used for drink, some are chamber pots, some are garbage receptacles. Whether the vessel’s job is glamorous or gross, fancy or mundane, desirable or undesirable, the vessel is there for a purpose. Something needs doing, so there is a vessel for the job.

One of the friends brought up the fine china in his grandmother’s cabinet. Those plates were beautiful, one might say vessels of honor, but they were never used. This friend said that he’d rather be a vessel that’s used. He’d rather God use him for anything than just sit there on display doing nothing. I agree with him, and would also rather be a used vessel, even if it’s not a glamorous job.

Whatever purpose God has in mind for any given vessel, rest assured that it is fair and correct. God is not unjust and has a purpose for every vessel.