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While there are plenty of bad video games out there and plenty of bad lessons to learn from them, there are also some good video games with good lessons to learn. Here are a few of my observations.

You don’t always know every character’s backstory.

You can’t buy stuff if you don’t have money. Zero money, zero stuff.

If you find a door that you can’t pass through, you have a couple of possibilities: One, the game developer doesn’t want you to go that way because you aren’t supposed to, meaning there is nothing there for you. Two, you aren’t supposed to go that way yet because you missed something important and you need to go back before you can move forward.

If you find or receive a lot of good things in one place, it is likely that you are being prepared for something very difficult and you will soon need all the loot you just picked up.

Sometimes you need a Player Two to help you out. Sometimes it’s just more fun with a friend.

If you meet enemies, you are going the right way.