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When you have a completely empty space filled with nothing, you have a void. Because there is nothing in it, it creates a vacuum. The emptiness must be filled with something, so it sucks in anything and everything near it.

I find it fascinating that the rules of physics can also apply to abstract concepts. When humans have an emptiness, we try to fill it. We don’t stop trying until it is filled. Sometimes we find the right thing to fill the empty space, and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we find enough to fill the empty space, and sometimes we don’t.

Also, when you take something out, you must put something back in, otherwise you will have another emptiness. For example, when you kick a bad habit or remove a bad attitude, you must replace it with a good one, or else the old thing or even a new thing will be sucked back in its place.

Filling an empty space is particularly difficult when it comes to the God-sized, God-shaped void inside all of us. We don’t always realize what we need when we feel so empty, so we try everything. Maybe you know someone who has or is trying everything. Maybe you are or were this someone. Regardless, that empty void cannot be filled by anything but the infinite God Himself. Everything else is the wrong thing, and everything else is too small. The vacuum will keep pulling things in.

But once you find God and let Him satisfy your emptiness, the void will be filled and the vacuum gone. You won’t voraciously suck in anything and everything you can find anymore. Then you’ll have enough and more, and you can share with others who are empty.