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I’m going to talk about something that I tend to have a problem with… wanting to help everybody all the time and wanting to fix all the problems. It’s not wrong to want to help people, but it is wrong to try to do everything by yourself. It is wrong to essentially try to do God’s job.

At times I call it, “the super-hero complex.” Sometimes you just want to help someone do everything so that they don’t feel bad or get hurt. But that would keep them from learning and becoming a better person. That would put you in a position that you can’t handle. You can’t do everything yourself, that’s God’s job.

Sometimes you can do something, and you should. But a lot of the time you aren’t supposed to do anything, even if you know you can. For me this happens a lot. Just because I can, doesn’t mean that I should. Just because I can, doesn’t mean it’s my job.

Basically, whether you can or cannot is not the question. Sometimes it’s not even, “Should I or should I not?” The question is, “Do I trust God?” Am I putting God in a box? Do I believe that God has a plan? Do I really believe that He is big enough and powerful enough to complete His plan?

God knows what’s going on in someone else’s life just as much as He knows what’s going on in yours. He has just as much of a hand in it, too. Sometimes your job is just to wait, stand still, and pray.