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As I lay awake this morning before finally getting up, I made a connection between Aragorn (from The Lord of the Rings) and Jesus. Something Aragorn did in The Return of the King reminds me of something Jesus does. While for different reasons and under different circumstances, these two situations can be compared. This story isn’t made to be an allegory and isn’t a perfect one anyway, but it was interesting to me. Allow me to set it up for you. Spoilers ahead!

In the books there is a large city called Gondor. Aragorn is descended from a line of kings that once held rule there, and he is meant to rule again someday. The city of Gondor is right on the front lines of battle against the enemy, and a bloody, brutal battle is fought there. Aragorn brings reinforcements to help win the battle, and afterwards fulfills a prophecy about the coming king when he goes to help tend and heal the wounded.

At this point Aragorn technically has the right to waltz into the city and claim his kingship. People are already talking about him being the king. He could just go in, sit on that big fancy chair, and start giving orders. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t even sleep inside the city that night, he goes outside the city to his tent, and the next day has already decided that he will not enter the city unless he is invited and welcomed by the lord of the city.

This reminds me of what Jesus does. Jesus is the King of everything in the first place. Add to that all He has done to save our souls and all the healing he has to offer, yet He still doesn’t just march in and take what is rightfully His anyway. He waits for you to welcome Him. Forcing His way in isn’t what Jesus wants to do. He can, but that would take away your free will and wouldn’t allow you to decide whether or not you love Him. Jesus waits outside the gates because He loves you and wants you to love Him back.