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I have an enormous amount of material that I could cover in a post about stupidity. But let’s not get into specifics, or this post and the discussion thereof would never end. Instead, I’m going to talk in general about the different opinions of what is and is not stupid.

Just because you think something is stupid doesn’t mean that someone else does.

Just because someone else thinks something is stupid doesn’t mean that you do.

Just because you or someone else thinks something is stupid doesn’t mean that it is, and it doesn’t mean that it is not.

My point: We all have opinions on what is and is not stupid, and none of us have exactly the same opinions on specific stupidity. Some of the things we think are stupid actually are, and some of the things we thing are stupid actually are not.

Know the difference.

How? That is a good question, and I’m glad someone asked.

Find out what God thinks. That’s tricky, because we humans are all so opinionated and don’t know how to listen to God when He tells us something straight. We have selective listening. It’s like selective hearing, but a little different.

How do you find out what God thinks? That is another good question.

Read the Bible; it has God’s words and thoughts in it. It tells you about who He is and how He is. It tells you what He thinks. But be careful not to translate it through your own ideas and make it say what you want it to say.

How do you make sure that you aren’t just seeing and hearing what you want? I like these questions.

Talk to God about everything. It’s called prayer, but sometimes we forget what it’s for. While prayer is for asking for things, confessing sin, thanking God, and praising Him, it is also for talking with God. It is supposed to be a conversation – like a child with their father. God talks, too. You, much like a child, are not always going to like what your Father says. But God is the Father that is never wrong.

It takes a lot of self-checking to be sure you aren’t thinking something stupid. But when you find someone else that thinks a non-stupid thing is stupid, don’t berate them over it and argue. Discuss it in love. In love? In other words, don’t be mean, rude, or otherwise distasteful or unpleasant in your behavior. Be civil and polite, show them what you’ve found God to be like – as He is, not as you make Him to be.

And remember that it isn’t your job to change people’s minds; that’s God’s job.