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We humans know a lot of things. We humans also think we know a lot of things. Throughout history we have had things all figured out, only to find we were wrong all this time. Things we were sure worked, we found out we only thought they worked. Like when people thought maggots just spontaneously generated from raw meat left out too long. Or when people thought blood-letting was a great medical practice.

The more we know, the more we find out we don’t know. But we’re still absolutely certain that the parts we do know, we have those all figured out.

I find it amazing that we humans have figured out so much over our history, and we’re still learning! We’re still not sure how certain things work. We have hypotheses and theories, but we aren’t sure. The entire universe has very complicated and intricate design, from the biggest celestial object to the tiniest building blocks of an atom, and all the connections between them.

We experience and study all this complexity that we can’t even begin to replicate ourselves, let alone make on our own, and I see that it had to have been designed. I’m so glad God gave us all this stuff to study and look at! He gave us so much to do! He gives us so much in general! God created a universe where we can constantly see something amazing!