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Sometimes a part of the Bible isn’t going to make sense to you. You’ll read it over and it will still seem a little odd. Try reading the verses around it to get context, look up the original language, and do some cultural and historical study.

Taking something out of context is dangerous, especially when you do it with the Bible. You can make anything mean whatever you want it to if no one knows the context. Sometimes one of my sisters and I will be talking and realize that something we’ve said makes absolutely no sense out of context. Like this: “The carpet is waxed, now the one ounce milk puddle stains are gone.”

Sometimes when you translate something into another language it loses or gains something in it’s meaning or connotation. That’s just how languages work. Sometimes they can’t be precisely translated into each other because the words mean something different, or there is no word in one language that means the word in the original language.

Sometimes it’s a cultural boundary instead of a linguistic one. You may need to study some cultural history to understand why something is said a particular way. Sometimes what you don’t understand is completely understood by those who would have been in that culture at the time.

So if something you’ve come across in your Bible reading doesn’t make sense or you just want to know more about what it means, do a little extra study.