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Picture something that you really love to do. What would you do if suddenly you couldn’t do this anymore?

For me, one of the things I love to do is play the piano. I love engaging my mind in reading the music and coordinating my fingers to play the sounded translation of the notes on the page. I love praising God with music. It is actually punishment to tell me that I’m not allowed to practice. I get piano “withdrawals” when I haven’t had any practice for a while, drumming my fingers on any flat surface as if I am playing a song. Sometimes I play to have release. I play piano to release or express the thoughts and emotions that I can’t put into words.

But what would I do if I couldn’t play anymore?

I would be unbelievably upset. I would probably cry. I might even cry all the time, I don’t know. I would probably tell God how sad I feel about it. I would probably even ask Him why He wanted this to happen.

But that’s the point. If I lose the ability to play the piano, then God has a reason.

I probably won’t know what it is right away. I may never really know at all. But since God is good and He knows everything and exactly what is best, I can trust Him. If I ask, He will help me to be okay with His plan. God has something important in store.