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When you do something wrong, you must know and acknowledge that it is wrong before you can change anything. If you refuse to believe that you are wrong, you will refuse to repent because you don’t want to do so, or you don’t think you need to do so. While repentance isn’t just knowing and agreeing with God that you’re wrong, it is the first step towards the end result of repentance.

When you know, believe, and agree that you are wrong, you then become sorry for it. But this is still not the end of repentance. But being sorry for something and feeling bad that you’ve done it is still yet another step in it.

Once you are sorry for something, you need to do something about it. Just feeling miserable does nothing. Because you are wrong and you know it and feel it, you must now act on it. Because you are actually sorry, you change your behavior. You were facing one way, and now you are turning around to face the other way so you don’t do the wrong thing again.

True repentance is changing your behavior to do what is right instead of what is wrong. True repentance is changing your direction.