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Yesterday I was helping the pastor’s wife in Sunday School while she taught the lesson to the young girls. During the lesson a question was brought up: If you were around when Jesus was on earth, what would you ask Him?

There were varying answers. One said that if it was before she was saved, she would ask Jesus how to be saved and get to Heaven. One wanted to ask what Heaven was like. One wanted to ask Jesus when He was coming back. I wanted to ask everything, but had to narrow it down to a specific question. So I said I’d like to know how the Trinity works, and how Jesus was fully God and fully man at the same time. (Really I don’t think I’d understand, but sometimes I think I’d still like to ask.)

As I was thinking about asking Jesus questions, I began to think about how we can still ask Jesus anything at anytime, even though He’s not here in human form right now. He may not always answer right away, He may let us know we don’t need to know that, or He may answer in a way we didn’t think He would, but we are fully able to ask Jesus anything. Jesus allows and listens to questions.

During the sermon, the pastor talked about having questions of doubt. Doubt does not mean you are faithless, it means you are human. We don’t always understand and know what God does, and that’s okay. We know the God who knows. We know the God who keeps all His promises. (Read Psalm 89.) Even if you don’t have the answer, you can have faith because God does have it.

So what do you want to ask Jesus?