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When you sign on for something, you should know what is, what it is for, and what is expected of you. When you sign on for something, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions whether you read them or not.

So what does it mean when you sign on with Jesus? What does it mean when you become a Christian? What are you singing on for?

Persecution. Loss. Ostracism. Pain. Suffering. (Matthew 5:11; Luke 6:22 & 21:12; John 15:18-21; 2 Timothy 3:12) You are promised reward, yes (Matthew 5:12; Luke 6:23), but your reward is not here on this earth. Your reward is given to you in Heaven after you finish your work for God here.

But let’s not forget that though we may suffer and signed on for troubles and trials, we also signed on to receive help. God gives us the Holy Spirit, His help to us for our deepest needs. (Mark 13:11; John 14:18 & 26-27; Romans 8:26-28)

This is all the trouble and wonderful goodness you sign on for when you become a Christian. Trials and trouble with help now, unimaginably great reward in Heaven later.