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We Christians like to talk about how God can do anything He wants, and He can! God can perform any miracle, stop any calamity. We love to see it when God unleashes His power in a wonderful way!

But sometimes we have a problem when God restrains His power. God can make anything happen, but He does not always do so. Sometimes God holds back because He loves us and knows it will be better that way. Sometimes He is respecting the volition He gave us.

This is hard to grasp and understand. Why doesn’t God stop bad things from happening? Why doesn’t God just reveal Himself right now in all His glory to everyone so they’ll believe?

Because God loves us. I realize that sounds backwards, but I’ll explain. God gives us the freedom to make our own decisions, and if He were to stop bad things from happening all the time, that would take away our freedom of choice. If God revealed Himself to us in all His glory right now, we wouldn’t be able to handle it and would die from the sheer overwhelming sight and sound of all that He is.

God is more powerful than we can imagine even in our wildest imaginations. Without a word He could snuff out the universe as easily as I can blow out a tiny birthday candle. He doesn’t have to care about what He has made. But He does. That’s why we exist in the first place, that’s why we continue existing, and that’s why Jesus came, because God loves us. He reveals Himself to us in ways we can handle and understand. He displays or restrains His power as is best for us.