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Sometimes when you need a break, God will work things out for you to be able to take a vacation. But sometimes He works things out so you get sick, and you get something out of it that you probably wouldn’t have while on vacation.

When I get sick enough, I don’t really have a choice as to whether or not I take it easy, I just have to rest because I literally can’t do anything else. This has its own benefits, especially if I haven’t been resting enough lately. Being sick also puts me in a different frame of mind and I think about things differently than if I’d just been relaxing on vacation. Sometimes you just get so busy and either don’t think to take it easy or you refuse to, so sometimes being sick gives you some much needed time to stop everything and process.

While I find vacation definitely more preferable than getting sick, that doesn’t necessarily mean that one is only good and the other only bad. You can get exactly the same benefit from either one depending on your mindset and life context going into it. And that’s often the difference: mindset and life context. As weird as it sounds, sometimes the vacation is better for you in the long run, and sometimes getting sick is. God knows which one you need at whatever time. Hopefully you don’t need to get sick!