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Sometimes God needs to rearrange your life. Sometimes He puts things in different places to better optimize how things are done, or gets rid of things to make room for something else, or does both to make it easier for you to move around. Sometimes God needs to move the furniture in your life.

God often rearranges furniture on a grander scale. Lately He’s moved some things around in my church. Things looked like they were going to stop moving for a little while, then our pastor let us know that he was going to retire as pastor. He has peace from God about it, so clearly God wasn’t done moving the furniture. So far the church has been taking it pretty well. We’re optimistic, knowing God has a plan.

When God moves the furniture – in your life or on a grander scale – don’t worry, it’s going to be good! It might not always be fun, and sometimes it can be upsetting, especially if you don’t like things to change and you figured you were doing just fine. But God knows how things need to be situated and arranged, so don’t be afraid to get used to something new. God is the best at this, so it’ll turn out just fine and you’ll like it.